Well, after the grand journey to Australia, I’m back in Wellington safe and sound. I have decided to delay posting about my trip until after I have returned home because I have chosen to wait to share the details with my parents until I see them in person. There may or may not be more posting before I go home; kind of depends on what happens here before I leave.

On that note, the departure date is set! Offish. I have to purchase my ticket (I’ve been busy today, but plan on doing it tonight or first thing in the morning) and will be arriving home 7 November 2009. Going home with my dad; maybe seeing some friends/ family; heading to the DMV, oh the joys; driving home to my mom. Then two weeks to the family cabin wonderfulness, also known as Thanksgiving.

Thanks for following me on my journey guys– it’s been incredible! Check back in a few weeks or so for the blogs about Australia. I can’t wait to see everyone– if you are one of my DC friends, my door’s always open! Come visit!


2 thoughts on “Back to Welly/ The Return

  1. wow! can't believe your semester is almost over as my semester is basically just starting. i want to hear about all your travels. enjoy everything 🙂

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