I LOVE tulips. Thus, it should be no surprise that Karalyn and I went down to the Botanical Gardens to see all the tulips they had planted. Don’t be fooled– it’s still winter here.

Me in front of a very pretty pink tree on our way down– the Botanical Gardens technically comprise the area from the top of the cable car all the way down to the bottom of a large hill. So it’s a walk to get to the flat part.

This is just one of the shots I got… hundreds of bulbs planted, all colors.

Me with the flag. Cool, huh?

The City Gallery just reopened after an extensive renovation. It’s covered in polka dots in reference to the current exhibit. Emma, Christina and I went, but unfortunately were on our way somewhere else, so by the time we got through the line, we had to skip some of the exhibits. I’m going to go back sometime before I leave to see the rest.

A cute picture in the tulips. So many parents, families, kids out taking pictures. So sweet!

Well friends, here’s the countdown: one week til Australia, one month til home. Until then!


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