Today’s post is dedicated to the strange things that I have seen people eat here. Overall, it’s just your normal, everyday food (with the exception that I do have to eat the dorm food, which is not so enjoyable). However, sometimes these strange things pop out:

a. beans on toast. Yes, the kind of beans you get in a can, warmed up and on toast. Emma claims it makes a complete protein.
b. spaghetti on toast. This one definitely beats out beans on toast with the odd factor.
c. ketchup on spaghetti. Now I have to clarify, most places here don’t give you actual ketchup, it’s more of a tomato sauce. Nevertheless, I feel it’s kind of redundant.

As I said, mostly it’s pretty normal, but I wanted to share these few quirky appearances. I might post once more before Australia; we’ll see. If not, look forward to those pics & commentary coming soon!


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