Here’s a brief list of things I miss from home. I’m bored out of my mind & lonely, so feeling a little nostalgic and thought I’d share. Also, these are not in any particular order. As will shortly become obvious.

1. Baked Lays. For real.
2. Salad.
3. Healthy, delicious food in general.
4. My familyyyy.
5. Summer.
6. Umbrellas.
7. My kitchen!!
8. So many friends that are so amazing & wonderful.
9. Having plans.
10. Mexican food.

Well, that’s it for now– just a few of the wonderful things I look forward to seeing in… a short time. I know you are all anxious for an itinerary– it’s coming, I promise! Hopefully within the next few weeks… I finish finals early November, so trust me, it will be booked by then. I love you all and can’t wait to see you when I get back!

(PS- Countdown to Australia: 2 weeks!!)


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