So on Wednesday, we took advantage of the weather and headed to the zoo- Liz, William (or as Liz terms him, Will-I-Am), and I. You have to take the bus to get there, but it’s a pretty quick trip. We went to Ernesto’s for some brunch/ lunch (I had fresh oj and muesli with stewed fruit and yogurt), and then headed on out.

Exhibit A: Pelican. Scene 1: It’s sitting so still, like a statue.

Liz: Dude, is that real?

Kiwi woman: Uhhh… yeahhhh (looks at Liz like she’s an idiot)

Me & Liz crack up. It was pretty hilarious.

One of the highlights of the zoo: the signage. What other zoo has bloody fingers on their animated characters??

I love the giraffes!

Baby chimp Beni. Isn’t he cute??

Me behind an elephant painting thing. Biggest disappointment: no elephants at the zoo, and the lions were away to breed. But all in all, a fun half-day experience!!


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