Here’s a short list of things that I will appreciate coming back to the United States. The differences from the US to NZ are not too different, but I am definitely looking forward to these things!

1. 24-hour gas stations. Questions? Go back to the blog before the glacier hike. Enough said.

2. The right to refuse a pat down. Come on, I’m a criminology student. I know my rights… in America. Definitely appreciate them needing a reason and not being able to do “random pat-downs” just for the heck of it.

3. Being able to choose my own seat at the movies. Yes, they assign seats here. Not a big deal if you are going to a midday show, but opening night it can get hectic.

4. Showers with the lights on. Yes, friends, the motion sensored lights strike again, and I am tired of climbing out of the shower mid-way to turn them back on. I’m all for going green, but really…

5. Short time differences. I am definitely going to appreciate being able to pick up the phone and call whoever I want, and know what time it is. It’s so hard to catch people on skype!

6. Communication. When I leave here, I will have sent home around 30 postcards. Um, didn’t realize I had so many friends until I did that. Will not miss all the postage fees! I expect postcards from those going abroad in the spring!

That’s it for now… just a short note in my last day of time off, excluding the weekend. So weekend, here we go, and then classes resume! Six weeks of those, a week and a half in Australia, and then exams! Crazy!


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