On day five, we visited Milford Sound, which has been nominated to join the Wonders of the World. The night before, we had decided to take a cruise to see it, and since we stayed at the Milford Lodge, pretty much the only place in that deserted area of the woods to stay in, we got a discount- only $40 NZD! A cruise is pretty much the only way to see the Sound- a pretty fantastic opportunity for the Kiwis to make money, if I dare to say. Anyway, the cruise was amazing. We saw tons of waterfalls, a beautiful rainbow, and even some bottlenose dolphins. Take a look!

Below are the rainbow and the dolphin sighting… sometimes the glory of God’s creation really overwhelms me.

We loved the cruise… if you are ever on the South Island, I highly recommend it… such a cool experience.

Later that day, we headed to Franz Josef Glacier, where we were to go on a glacier hike the next day. We stopped in Haast to get some gas, which leads to quote #1 of the day: “We’re not in America, anymore, people…” -Emma. So, in New Zealand, gas stations close. They aren’t 24 hours. And they close early– like at 8 PM. Except that in Haast, the gas station had already closed when we arrived at 7:50. So we went into a supermarket to call our AA– the AAA here, to see if we could get them to bring us some gas. The glacier hike cost $100 NZD so we didn’t want to lose our money or the opportunity to do it. Anyway, in the midst of being on hold with the AA lady, we got kicked out of the supermarket.

This leads to Quote #2 of the Day: “Perfect setup for a horror movie.” -Christina. Let me spell it out for you: 1. Nothing in the town is open; 2. It’s a 2 1/2 hour drive to the glacier, we don’t have enough gas to get there, but a 2 1/2 hour drive to the town in the opposite direction; 3. We got kicked out and are sitting in the dark in our car while using a pay phone to call AA; 4. It’s absolutely silent except for the sound of the rain… I think you are getting the picture. So the gas station person in Haast refused to open the station (Quote #3 of the Day: “If I knew where he lived… you should see my streetfighting skills.” -Christina), but a person in a town 20 minutes away opened up for us, we filled up and paid the station person to open up ($40 plus a bit extra… we let him keep the change), and headed on the second half of the drive to the glacier. Half a tank of gas and five million turns later, we finally arrived at the YHA we were staying at for the night. Whew!


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