For the first week of our two week break, I headed down to the South Island with Karalyn, Emma, Christina, and Kevin to explore more of New Zealand’s beauty. First stop was Christchurch, where we flew in and picked up our rental car… the affectionately named “Silver Bullet II.” Kevin had booked his flight incorrectly, so while we waited to pick him up we headed to a cafe for some breakfast. Below is the view of the South Island from the plane… already incredible!

The day was spent wandering around the city and exploring the architecture and little shops. I bought some wool and possum fur-lined slippers at the Cathedral shop- so beautiful! Below are the Cathedral and the Christchurch trolley in front of it… such a quaint little town!

The inside of the Cathedral was beautiful as well- old stained glass, wall mosaics, remembrances.

The rest of the day was pretty laid back; a bit of walking, a bit of talking, and a bit of beach.

^^A little bit of streetwalking.

And posing for the camera…

And of course pretending we’re on America’s Next Top Model…

One of the things that I love about New Zealand is their commitment to their past. As such, there are war memorials in almost every town. Considering the fact that no one acknowledges that New Zealand took part in these wars, I think they have every right to commemorate them. One of the largest and most well known is the Bridge of Remembrance in Christchurch.

After this we headed to Sumner Beach to watch the sunset. It was a beautiful beach, and we got to see a wedding party taking pictures on it.

And then had dinner at a small cafe. I had the most amazing cauliflower-cream soup of my life.

Yum. I texted my dad to tell him about it… we always share our “foodie” adventures. MM! After dinner we drove back to the city to bed down for the night.

Quote of the Day: “What, I have to make my bed?” -Karalyn

Disclaimer: With the exception of people pictures, all photos that I post on this blog are mine and mine alone. You are welcome to keep them for personal use, but I may use some of them as artwork in the future, so please leave them be.

Comment: If you are reading this, let me know. It’s always nice to get comments on the blog, because then you know all the time you spent putting it together was worth it. This was just the first day of the trip.

And a note to the ladies– I LOVE that phonebooth pic! We’re pretty amazing.


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