The weekend after our Martinborough excursion, the Royal New Zealand Ballet was performing La Sylphide in Wellington. Me, being the social person that I am, tried to find someone to go with, but alas, I was unsuccessful. But this brought me back to an issue that I have struggled with for some time: do I not go, and miss out, or do I (gasp) go alone?

I HATE doing things alone. While shopping can be a nice thing to do alone, I refuse to do social things, like going to the movies, alone, and I refuse to eat alone. And thus my dilemma: do I give up my chance to go to the ballet in New Zealand, or do I act like the independent young woman that I am?

Desire to see the ballet won out. Christina (Byler) and I in part became good friends because of our common love of the ballet and our ability to afford tickets, and I wish she could have been there to go with me, but you know? I survived, and had a great time, despite the fact that I was by myself. Now this doesn’t mean I will be eating alone any time soon, but it does mean that I will afford myself the chance to attend several other performances over my time here.

The ballet was fantastic. Not the best I have ever seen, but quite excellent. There were at least twelve men in the company! Twelve! I have never seen a ballet company perform with more than three men or so. And the story was very charming. The woman who played the sylphe was a very talented dancer. And, bonus, the theatre was pretty small, so I got to see the dancers’ faces up close– a good reminder that dancing also must incorporate acting.

All in all, a success, I think. The ballet was beautiful, and I look forward to the performances that are coming to Wellington in the future.


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