Upon moving to DC, I knew that finding a church home was important to me, and I was lucky enough to have a roommate who felt the same way. We visited everywhere- from teeny-tiny Baptist churches to Episcopalian churches to the Methodist church right across the street, where we eventually stayed. When I made plans to come to Wellington, I wasn’t really sure what to expect on the church scene. In DC, very few people that I knew outside Chi Alpha attended church, and there were less than ten college students in the Methodist congregation. I hate visiting churches alone, and I knew that it took Lauren and I a whole semester of visiting churches before we were prepared to settle down at one.

Enter my friend Emma, who had already decided to visit a church called The Street on our first full Sunday after arriving in Wellington. I asked to tag along, she said yes, and here we are a month later still going. My DC friends will understand the irony- me, going to church with the other Texan exchange students. I think it’s hilarious. But irregardless, for three Sundays now I have attended The Street.

It’s a fairly contemporary church, a lot like Chi Alpha, or the youth group at Prestonwood. Contemporary music/ worship, a more modern building, etc. We’re studying out of 2 Chronicles and the like currently, about the kings and the lessons we can learn from them. It’s been interesting, since that’s not a part of the Bible that I usually spend a lot of time in. Emma and I are hoping to get involved in a smaller Bible study (a “lifegroup”) to meet more people and dig a bit deeper this semester. But it’s been good to get back in the word in a different atmosphere and environment.


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