On the first weekend after classes started, so much was going on! The New Zealand International Film Festival came to Wellington for two weeks, so Emma and I decided to grab tickets for a showing of “The September Issue,” a documentary about the making of Vogue’s famous September issue. We headed off for the Embassy Theatre and got some popcorn before settling in to watch the movie. It was good- very interesting, and fun to watch, and reminded me of how much I love working on a publication, and what deadline’s like, although with college yearbook we have a bit more flexibility than when a magazine or newspaper is going to press. Below is a picture of the Embassy Theatre’s interior… the curtain rolls back to display the screen.

After our film festival excursion (the theatre was packed- a sold out show), we walked back to a restaurant called the Flying Burrito Brothers. It’s a Mexican restaurant, and ended up being more like traditional Mexican than Tex-Mex. The ingredients were very fresh. I had a mojito and a chicken quesadilla- very good.

On Saturday, Karalyn had found this cool little festival in Petone that she invited Christina, Emma and I to come to. We hopped on a bus off of Manners St. and headed that way– Petone is on the other side of Wellington harbor; still technically Wellington, but too far to walk. This side of the harbor had a tiny stretch of beach (not something you would swim in; particularly since newspaper articles keep covering the pollution levels) and one main street through the town that we bypassed in order to get to the beach and the festival, which was something like a small street festival- a few rides for kids, food stalls, etc. We roamed around the beach for a bit- it was pretty.

We walked down the festival together, laughing at the man in the toilet and the bizarre “shop of wonders” type display, and eventually headed back to town to explore the streets there. The town actually has a fresh water source, and people were filling up jugs to take home when we passed. We finally ended up back at the carnival, grabbing slices of fresh-made pizza before getting real fruit ice cream. It was fantastic!

On the far left is Karalyn, followed by Christina, me, and Emma.

We grabbed glow necklaces for once it got dark, and then walked around eating our ice cream waiting for the fire sculptures to start. Earlier, big wooden sculptures had been set up on the beach, and they were going to be lit, as a form of artwork. After we were sufficiently freezing (remember, it’s winter here) and dark, around 745, the fire sculptures started.

This is the fire sculpture at full flame… at which point, we decided we were too cold to stay outside any longer, and headed up to a restaurant to drink hot chocolate until the fireworks began. We put on our glow necklaces, watched the fireworks, and eventually headed back on the bus to Wellington. A fun weekend!

I’m almost up to present day! Much love, always.


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